Sculling basics

In sculling, each rower holds 2 oars and rows in small boats. UVRF owns sculling boats, including singles (one person), doubles (2 person), and quads (4 person) that are available to club members under certain conditions. If you are already a sweep rower, sculling is an excellent way to develop boat “feel,” balance and technical skills.

Using Club Sculling Equipment

Club boats are available to UVRF members who have passed the captain’s test and (in addition to their membership fee) paid the Club Boat Rental (Equipment Usage) fees for 2023.

Club members have the privilege of using club singles, doubles and quads throughout the summer season (roughly from the first week of June through mid-October). See Equipment Usage for more information. Please note that use of the club’s racing doubles and quads requires additional certification in addition to the captain’s test. See the Sculling Policies page to get more information on policies and certification. Club members who have paid the equipment fee can reserve boats here.

UVRF  offers a number of sculling classes and clinics both for beginners and advanced rowers. Click buttons below to learn more.