Safety and policies

The first priority for UVRF is that all its members are safe while rowing. To do this, the club has instituted a number of policies, tests, certifications and guidelines which are meant to assure this safety. All members are expected to know and abide by these policies.

These are

  • Safesport Policy
  • Swim Test
  • Sculling Policies
  • Rowing Safety Guidelines

Brief details on all of these are provided below and in the associated pages.


Safesport is a US wide initiative to build sport wide communities where participants can work and learn together free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct.  Safesport training is required for all UVRF coaches (paid and volunteer) and board members.

Swim Test

All on water UVRF members should pass a swim test. The swim test certification is good for 5 years. 

Sculling Policies

All scullers who want to go out unattended should pass the Captain’s test. Scullers who want to use the club’s racing doubles and quads need to pass certifications for this.Pol

Rowing Safety Guidelines

Rowing is a water sport, and before any outing rowers should verify if conditions (such as river flow, fog and impending storms/lightning) are such that going out is warranted.