The Dartmouth House Crew program is open to all members of the Dartmouth House Communities. Participants with all levels of rowing experience are welcome, from no rowing experience to those who have rowed at a competitive level.. Rowers will learn the basic rowing stroke on land and will advance to an 8-oared boat, where each rower has one oar. The boat is steered by a coxswain and will be accompanied by a motor launch. Rowers will learn the basic rowing technique, boat handling skills, and water safety. Friendly racing between the house communities may become a regular part of the program. Participants must be at Kendal and ready to row at program start time.  


The practices will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, starting May 3 and continuing through Friday, May 26. The program will be held from 3:00 to 4:45 PM at the Kendal Waterfront Park in Hanover. Advance sign up with the attendance coordinator is required for each practice.  

All participants must be a member of USRowing and Upper Valley Rowing Foundation. A swim test, full vaccination status in accordance to UVRF rules, and watching the US Rowing Safety video are required.  


2022 Session 1:
  • May 3-May 26  (4 weeks

  • 4 practices per week: M/T/W/Th

  • 3:00pm-4:45pm

  • Kendal Riverfront Park