UVRF Junior Sculling Policy – Parent Information Sheet

For the purposes of this policy, a Junior rower is defined as any rower 14-19 years of age during the calendar year of the program.  

PLEASE NOTE: These policies do not apply to rowers and their boatings in UVRF coached programs (sweep or scull).  In UVRF coached programs, decisions about rowers and appropriate boatings for both home practices and races (home and away) are at the discretion of the program coach.

Juniors must familiarize themselves with and follow all the rules and policies applying to regular members, including the rules regarding certification for various levels of sculling equipment. 

In addition, certain restrictions apply to Junior members who want to use club sculling equipment:

  1. Juniors may not scull unaccompanied by a coach or an adult rower unless their parent or guardian signs the UVRF Parent Permission form.  

Please read and fill in the form carefully and completely, sign it and either (a) mail it to UVRF, PO Box 419, Hanover, NH 03755; or (b) scan it and email it to uppervalleyrc@gmail.com; or (c) leave it in the sculling book at the boathouse (and email us to let us know you did that).

  1. Juniors will not be allowed to scull unaccompanied by a coach in a launch when the water temperature is below 60F. It is the rower’s responsibility to check the thermometer before you row (see No. 10 – “Cold Water Rowing” below for location of thermometers on docks).
  1. Juniors may not take out the quads unless 1) accompanied by a bow seat rower who is 21 or older and UVRF-certified to toe bow, 2) accompanied by a coach in a launch, or 3) to participate in Row the Prouty if given special permission by a UVRF coach.
  1. Juniors must pass the UVRF Captain’s Test before taking out any sculling equipment.

Before signing the UVRF Parent Permission form parents and Juniors should read and familiarize themselves with the UVRF outing guidelines described here.