Membership in UVRF is open to everyone who is 14 years or older. All members of UVRF pay an annual membership fee, which is set by the Board of Directors. Membership runs on the calendar year.

The fee is due at the beginning of the year (or for new members, upon joining). Membership fees  cover the shared operating expenses of our organization. Additional fees are required for access to equipment and programs. Scholarships are available for those who have financial hardship. Details on membership types and fees, steps involved in becoming a member and details on how to apply for scholarships are provided below.

Note that as stated below being a UVRF member by itself does not entitle you to use boats. Once you are a UVRF member you can sign up for programs and/or pay a usage fee to get access to UVRF boats. An overview of and links to different programs are provided here . Program descriptions are typically updated throughout the year (for instance, details on fall rowing programs are typically posted in July or August).

Membership Types and Fees for 2023

  • Adult Member: Annual – $150
  • Junior Member (14-22 yrs): Annual –  $50
  • Junior Member (14-22 yrs): Spring only (ends June 3) or Summer only (ends Sept 4) or Fall only (starts Sept 4) – $25
  • Volunteer Member (for our non-rowing volunteers) – $0

Becoming a UVRF Member is a multistep process with details provided below

  1. Members of UVRF are required to be individual members of USRowing . Please login at  USRowing membership to check your status and see if it is time to renew. The cost in 2023 is $25 to join at the Basic membership rate; $20 to renew. Choose the individual option and use the club code 4FWDQ.
  2. Members of UVRF who are 18 or older must complete SafeSport training and refresh or renew the training each year. You can find more information on our SafeSport policy and learn how to get trained here
  3. Members should affirm that they have either already watched the US Rowing Safety video in the current calendar year or will do so within the next 48 hours. The link to the Safety video is:
  4. Members of UVRF are required to maintain up-to-date COVID vaccination and booster status, as recommended by their medical professional.
  5. Once this is all done, you can register for UVRF Membership at RegattaCentral

Paid Memberships include:

  • Voting rights at our annual meeting; we encourage all members to participate actively in helping us to serve the needs of our rowing community!
  • Access to sweep & sculling programs (additional fees apply)*
  • Access to social functions

*You do not need to be a member for the Novice Intensive (sweep) or Learn-to-Scull programs in the summer. Membership is required for all other programs.


UVRF offers limited financial assistance to aspiring rowers for whom the required fees present a financial hardship. To apply for a partial scholarship, download and complete the UVRF Scholarship Application form , and submit the form to the UVRF president Dan Ruml at

A swim test is required for ALL UVRF members. Details are provided here.