UVRF recognizes and welcomes rowers who visit the Upper Valley who would like to row while they are here. UVRF’s guest policy and temporary (30 day) membership option are described below

Guest Policy

The guest policy is primarily for  experienced rowers who are  friends or acquaintances of UVRF members. Visiting rowers can be hosted as guests of a club member (either to row with a club member, take out a boat, or use their own boat) up to 6 times a year without becoming a UVRF member.
Guests need to sign the paper waiver that is in the log book box, including a swim test waiver.

Club members should make appropriate equipment choices suitable to the experience level of their guest.

If a visiting rower does not personally know anyone at the club and would like to row, borrow a boat, or store their boat on our site for a few days, they should contact the club president at uppervalleyrc@gmail.com. The club president or their designee will communicate with the potential guest to get an idea of their needs/skill level, meet them if necessary to show them a boat they can use, and to make sure the waiver is signed.

30 Day membership

In cases where the guest policy is not sufficient UVRF offers a 30 day membership with equipment access. Users can sign up for this at Regatta Central (look under Memberships)