This 3 x 1½ hour  program is designed for beginning rowers who would like to learn sculling (rowing with two oars). Participants will use UVRF’s recreational rowing shells, which are the most stable in the water. The sessions will focus on boat handling, building skills and gaining confidence. Membership in UVRF is not required for this introductory course.  However, all participants should have passed the UVRF swim test and be fully vaccinated. Participants will be asked to sign a USRowing liability waiver. Use of club sculling equipment for two weeks after instruction is included.

Min: 2   Max: 3 participants per clinic

Weekly 3-session clinics run from June 5 – Aug 11 on Mon-Wed-Fri or Tues-Thurs-Sat, evenings and mornings

Location: Kendal Riverfront Park

Program fee: $125 (no membership fee required)

  • Clinic 1  M-W-F     7:30-9am          Jun 5-7-9            coach Erika Dade
  • Clinic 2  M-W-F     5:30-7:00pm    Jun 12-14-16      coach TBA – CANCELED
  • Clinic 3  M-W-F     5:30-7:00pm    Jun 19-21-23      coach Erika Dade
  • Clinic 4  T-Th-Sa   8-9:30am          Jun 27-29-Jul 1  coach Erika Dade
  • Clinic 5  M-W-F     5:30-7:00pm    Jul 3-5-7              coach Casey Kelsey
  • Clinic 6  M-W-F     5:30-7:00pm    Jul 10-12-14       coach Erika Dade
  • Clinic 7  T-Th-Sa   8-9:30am          Jul 18-20-22       coach Casey Kelsey
  • Clinic 8  M-W-F     5:30-7:00pm    Jul 24-26-28       coach Joe Jones
  • Clinic 9  M-W-F     8:00-9:30am    Jul 31-Aug 2-4    coach Erika Dade
  • Clinic 10 M-W-F    5:30-7:00pm   Aug 7-9-11          coaches Joe Jones & Erika Dade
  • Clinic 11 M-W-F    5:30-7:00pm   Aug 14-16-18      coach Joe Jones