Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (UVRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of UVRF is to create a community for the sport of rowing by offering a wide variety of opportunities for area residents to row on the Connecticut River. By making available public, rowing-appropriate access to the Connecticut River, instructional programs, competitive opportunities, and educational forums about the sport, UVRF will serve as an organization that provides diverse benefits for the region as a whole.

Rowing on the Connecticut River

One of the most beautiful places to row in the USA is the section of the Connecticut river located between Hanover, NH and Lyme, NH. The river is impounded by the Wilder Dam (located about 3 miles south of the Ledyard Bridge which connects Vermont to New Hampshire). Because of the Wilder Dam the stage of the river is fairly constant which makes it a perfect place for rowing.

There are two  different rowing organizations who row here in addition to UVRF. These are  the Dartmouth collegiate rowing team  (with its boathouse just North of the Ledyard Bridge), and the Hanover High School rowing team (Hanover Crew), which has its boathouse at Wilsons Landing. There is also a  public boat launch at this location.

Brief history: Dresden Rowing club and UVRF

There have always been rowing enthusiasts in the Upper Valley and in 1997 a small group of them got together and founded the Dresden Rowing Club. The Dresden Rowing club rented space in the Dartmouth Fuller boathouse for  storage of privately owned singles and stored club boats outside on trailers. Fours and eights launched from the Dartmouth docks, and singles from the safety dock next to the Ledyard Canoe Club. The Dresden Rowing Club changed its name to Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (UVRF) in 2007. Since  2013 UVRF is rowing out of Kendal Riverfront Park (KRP). Kendal Riverfront Park has racks for both club boats and privately owned boats (mainly singles). Club members can rent rack space on an annual basis. 

UVRF Juniors (formerly known as Lebanon Crew)

A rowing program for high school students at Hanover High school was started in 1997. As Hanover High Crew  is a school sport, it is not accessible to students who do not attend Hanover High. This was part of the motivation for UVRF member Carin Reynolds to start Lebanon Crew in 2010 under the umbrella of UVRF. Lebanon crew is an integral part of UVRF (and to reflect this  recently changed its name to UVRF Spring Juniors) and is open to 8th – 12th graders in the Upper Valley who are not (or will not be) eligible to participate in the Hanover High program. Details on UVRF Spring Juniors can be found here. UVRF also runs a joint program in the fall that is open to experienced (at least one season) rowers and coxswains from the UVRF Spring Juniors program and from Hanover High School’s Crew.


UVRF is an all volunteer organization, which is governed by a board of directors, with day to day decisions being made by the officers. Board members server for a period of three years. Board meetings are open to all members of UVRF.  They are held on the first Monday of every month, starting at 5:45pm.  During the pandemic, board meetings are held using zoom.  If you would like to attend, please send an email to uppervalleyrc@gmail to request a zoom link to attend the meetings.

Drone footage of the Connecticut River just north of the Ledyard Bridge. Photo credit Kata Sasvari

Joining UVRF

Membership to UVRF is open to everyone. Details on membership and programs are provided here. You can also contact the UVRF board with questions.