The two lists below list the current UVRF sculling equipment. Please use this to determine (a) whether you can use this equipment (b) what equipment is appropriate for you given your weight.

Boats which can be signed out by anyone who has passed the captain’s test.

Recreational Singles
Name Type
Aero A  Maas Aero
Aero B Maas Aero
24 A Maas 24
24 B  Maas 24
Heiphyr Peinert Zephyr
Alden Star Alden Star
Racing Singles
Dizzy Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Over Easy Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Try and Fly  Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Plenty Ready Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Sassy  Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Snazzy  Peinert 25 (<160lbs)
Finally Peinert 26 (>160lbs)
Leery  Peinert 26 (>160lbs)
Steidy Peinert 26 (>160lbs)
Fancy  Peinert 26 (>160lbs)
Rusty Peinert 26 (>160lbs)
Artemis  Vespoli 135 (<160lbs)
Athena Vespoli 135 (<160lbs)
Calypso  Vespoli 135 (<160lbs)
Elysium  Vespoli 135 (<160lbs)
Little Dipper  Vespoli 175 (>160lbs)
Nemesis  Vespoli 175 (>160lbs)
Nereus  Vespoli 175 (>160lbs)
Odysseus  Vespoli 175 (>160lbs)
Orion  Vespoli 175 (>160lbs)
Zephyr  Vespoli 175 (160lbs)
Club Doubles
Blue Bayou  Hudson 2x MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Blew By Who  Hudson 2x HVWT (210lbs AVG)
Vital Spark  Hudson 2x MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Calico Jack  Fluid 2x MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Gail’s Gale Sharrow 2x LTWT (140lbs MAX AVG)

Boats which require users to have the appropriate certifications (see here for details on certifications, and here for a current list of certifications)

Racing Doubles
Name Type and Weight class
Relentless  Fluid 2x LTWT (140lbs MAX AVG)
Tenacious  Fluid 2- (STB Stroke) MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Dauntless  Fluid 2x blueback MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Audacious  Fluid 2x MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)
Colossus Fluid 2- white HWT
Pursuit  Vespoli (black) 4x (S/M Hull up to 160lbs AVG WT)
Pouty Princess Vespoli (black) 4x (S/M Hull up to 170lbs AVG WT)
Carin’s Quad  Filippi (white) 4x HVWT
Dancing Queen Filippi (white) 4x MDWT
Straight 4
Geisel  Pocock (white) 4- MDWT (140-180lbs AVG)